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Volunteer with us!

If you're based around eastern Australia you can volunteer to assist us with exciting fieldwork with frogs and/or bats! See links for more details!​

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We're looking for enthusiastic prospective PhD, Honours and 3922ESC Special Research Project students. Projects are potentially available to start in all trimesters. See the Opportunities page for more details!

Recent publications​​

  • Peel, A.J., Field, H., Ruiz-Aravena, M., Edson, D., McCallum, H., Plowright, R.K., and Prada, D. (2020). Coronaviruses and Australian bats: A review in the midst of a pandemic. Australian Journal of Zoology.

  • Olival, K., Cryan, P., Amman, B., Baric, R., Blehert, D., Brook, C., Calisher, C., Castle, K., Coleman, J., Daszak, P., Epstein, J., Field, H., Frick, W., Gilbert, A., Hayman, D., Ip, H., Karesh, W., Johnson, C., Kading, R., Kingston, T., Lorch, J., Mendenhall, I., Peel, A., Phelps, K., Plowright, R., Reeder, D., Reichard, J., Sleeman, J., Streicker, D., Towner, J., Wang, a. (2020). Possibility for reverse zoonotic transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to free-ranging wildlife: a case study of bats. PLOS Pathogens. 16(9): e1008758.

  • Rocha, R., Aziz, S.,Brook, C., Carvalho, W., Cooper-Bohannon, R., Frick,W., Huang,J., Kingston,T., López-Baucells, A., Maas, B., Mathews, F., Medellin, R., Olival, K., Peel, A., Plowright, R., Razgour, O., Rebelo, H., Rodrigues, L., Rossiter, S., Russo, D., Straka, T., Teeling, E., Treuer, T., Voigt, C., Webala, P. (2020). Bat conservation and zoonotic dis- ease risk: a research agenda to prevent misguided persecution in the aftermath of COVID–19 Animal Conservation /10.1111/acv.12636

  • Williamson, K., Wheeler, S., Kerr, J., Bennett, J., Freeman, P., Kohlhagen, J., Peel, A. , Eby,P., Merritt, T., Housen, T., Dalton, C., Durrheim, D., Chirio, L., Dale, A., Jones, D., Silas, K. (2020). Hendra in the Hunter Valley One Health 10, 100162.

  • Eby, P., Plowright, R., McCallum, H., Peel, A. (2020). Conditions predict heightened Hendra virus spillover risk in horses this winter: actions now can change outcomes Australian Veterinary Journal 98(6), 270-271.

  • Skinner, E., Murphy, A., Jansen, C., Shivas, M., McCallum, H., Onn, M., Reid, S., and Peel, A. (2020). Associations Between Ross River Virus Infection in Humans and Vector-Vertebrate Community Ecology in Brisbane, Australia Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases

  • Claytor, S. C., Gummer, J., Grogan L., Skerratt, L., Webb, R., Brannelly, L., Berger, L., Roberts, A. (2019) Susceptibility of frogs to chytridiomycosis correlates with increased levels of immunomodulatory serotonin in the skin. Cellular Microbiology (IF 4.410) (link).

More publications...


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