Splendid fairy-wren
Marbled gecko
Rufous songlark
Red-winged parrot
Budgerigars mating
White-browed treecreeper
Restless flycatcher
Short-beaked echidna
Black honeyeater
Spiny-cheeked honeyeater
Australasian pipit
Pallid cuckoo
Bourke's parrot
Whistling kite on nest
Female splendid fairywren
White-browed woodswallow
Fledgling willy wagtail
Welcome swallow
Black-fronted dotterel and young
Dwyer's snake
Red-kneed dotterel
Brown falcon
Crimson chat
Australian ringneck
Swamp wallaby
Female white-browed woodswallow
Glossy ibis
Horsfield's bronze cuckoo preening
Chestnut-crowned babbler
Male white-winged fairywren
White-plumed honeyeaters feeding
Juvenile masked woodswallow
Black-faced woodswallow
Neighbour's cattle
Common bronzewing
Australian wood ducklings
Chestnut-breasted quail-thrush
Little buttonquail
Cockatiels drinking
Spotted bowerbird
Red kangaroo
White-winged triller
Brown goshawk
Masked woodswallow
Hall's babblers
Red kangaroo with large pouch joey
Tree dtella (gecko)
White-necked heron coming in to land
Male red-winged parrot
Australian bush cockroach
Willie wagtail
Spotted bowerbird drinking
Jacky winter
Female hooded robin
Yellow-rumped thornbill
Wedge-tailed eagle
Wood sandpiper
Male red-rumped parrot
Chestnut-crowned babblers
Tree dtella (gecko)
Whistling kite
Yellow-throated miner
Black-faced woodswallow
Chestnut rumped thornbill
Male rufous whistler
Crested pigeons
Southern whiteface
Peaceful doves
Australasian grebe
Red kangaroo scratching
Australasian pipit
Black-winged stilt
Brown treecreeper
Grey butcherbird
Restless flycatcher
Mountain brushtail possum mum & bub
Nobbi dragon
Common wombat about to enter burrow
White greater glider
Juvenile crimson rosella
Red-necked wallaby
Red wattlebird in flight
Yellow-bellied water skink
Pelicans catching discarded fish
Black greater glider
Juvenile white-browed scrubwren
Little eagle
Southern whitefaces (feeding young)
Female mulga parrot
Common wallaroo
Crimson chat
Crested pigeon
Grey teal
Red-winged parrot
Swamp wallaby
Chestnut-rumped thornbill
Black kite
Male red-capped robin
Double-barred finches
Spotted bowerbird
Black-fronted dotterel
Australian ringneck
Restless flycatcher
Restless flycatcher
Feral goat
Jacky winter
Brown treecreeper
Little woodswallow
Dwyer's snake
Male hooded robin
Female red-winged parrot
Black-tailed native hen
Female red-capped robin
Red kangaroos
Spiny-cheeked honeyeater
Tawny frogmouth
Variegated dtella (gecko)
Male eclipse/juvenile hooded robin
Sugar glider
Male red-capped robin
Southern rainbow skink
Sand monitor
Northern brown bandicoot
Meadow argus butterfly
Lace monitor
Jacky winter on nest
Pearson's tree frog
Welcome swallow on nest
Land mullet sunbathing
Female rufous whistler
Pearson's tree frogs in amplexus
Brown quail
Female stoney creek frog
Juvenile magpie
Eastern water dragon
Male stoney creek frog
Dusky woodswallow
Pearson's tree frogs
Great barred-frog
Pied currawong eating frog
Female superb fairywren
Yellow-faced honeyeater
Red-browed treecreeper
Mum and juvenile brushtail possum
Peron's tree frogs in amplexus
Major Mitchell's cockatoo
Shingleback skink
White-plumed honeyeater
Short-beaked echidna
Male splendid fairy-wren
Juvenile carpet python
Spiny-cheeked honeyeater
Rainbow bee-eater
Chestnut-rumped thornbill
White-bellied cuckoo-shrike
Ornate burrowing frog
Pallid cuckoo
Trap-door spider
Brown falcon
Central bearded dragon
Striped honeyeater
Male white-winged fairy-wren
Common dunnart
Little corella after preening
Emu chicks
Jacky winter
Painted burrowing frog
Little friarbirds (juv on left)
Spotted bowerbird
Chestnut-crowned babbler
Apostlebird on nest
Female white-winged fairy-wren
Barking frog
Yellow-throated miner
Mistletoebird, seed dropping right
Peaceful dove
Black-faced woodswallow
White-browed woodswallow
Eastern snake-necked turtle
Black-winged stilt
Juvenile black-winged stilts
Banded lapwing
Red kangaroo
Double-barred finches
Crested bellbird
Central bearded dragons
Female gang gang cockatoo
Adult black-fronted dotterel
Right-eye blind brushtail possum
Superb fairy-wrens
Juvenile crimson rosella bathing
Brown thornbill
Red-bellied black snake basking
Prof. McCallum hiking
Land mullet basking
Prof. McCallum taking macro photos
Lamington Plateau crayfish
John Giles on our hike
Endangered Fleay's barred frog
Dr. Dave Newell collecting frog data
Male superb fairy wren on lookout
Applying tissue-glue after microchip
Southern boobook owl
Measuring snout-urostyle length
Red-backed toadlet
Male scalet robin
Great barred frog
White-bellied sea eagle soaring
Pied cormorants
Crested tern
Bar-tailed Godwit foraging
Crested tern soaring
Silver gull
Male rose robin hunting for insects
Greater glider foraging at night
Grey butcherbird measurements
Red-browed firetail in spikey bush!
It's a hard life being a koala!
Mate feeding in flame robins
Red-bellied black snake sunbathing
Red wattlebird
Mum and joey red-necked wallabies
Yellow-throated scrubwren drinking
Ringtail possum
Tree martins congregating
Brushtail possum
Skink sunbathing
Short-beaked echidna foraging
Mistletoe bird feeding juvenile
Sugar glider
Lemon bellied flycatcher
Sunbathing skink
Fat platypus resting on log!
Black-faced monarch
Male stony creek frog
Ringtail possum
Helmeted friarbird foraging
Bush rat
Grey butcherbird
Male olive-backed sunbird
Brustail possum
Dr. Alison Peel's poster at WDA-I
Black-faced cuckoo-shrike
Grey fantail nestlings after feeding
Pacific baza
Red-browed firetail finch foraging
Little egret
Lewin's honeyeater
Prof. McCallum's poster for EEID
Golden headed cisticola
Brown thornbill
Female king parrot
Platypus scratching with hindlimb
Red-necked wallaby
Measuring frog body temperature
Noisy friarbird with cicada
Dr. Jaewoon Jeong's poster for EEID
Juvenile male variegated fairy-wren
Black flying fox (fruit-bat)
New Holland honeyeater
Little yellow thornbill
Male variegated fairy-wren
Anaesthetised black flying fox
Willie wagtail nestlings being fed
Australian Great Barred Frog
Mr. Nicholas Clark's poster at WDA-I
Lewins honeyeater feeding on seeds
Wild koala (no signs of disease)
Alison Peel with flying fox
Christmas beetle
Male superb fairy-wren
Alison Peel releasing flying fox
Grey shrike-thrush nest-building
Alpine tree frog
Satin bowerbird in bower
Grey butcherbird
Mr. John Giles' poster for EEID
Tasmanian devil (no sign of disease)
Intermediate egret
Grey-headed flying fox
Striated pardalote nest-building
Malaria in avian blood smear
Wild skink - Leopard ctenotus
Wild red-necked wallaby with joey

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Female white-winged fairy-wren

(Malurus leucopterus) Photographed at AWC's Bowra Sanctuary, Cunnamulla, QLD. Photo credit: Laura Grogan