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Konstans Wells






Team Worker Alumnus


Contact details


Environmental Futures Research Institute,

Building N78, Room 2.11, School of Environment,

Griffith University, Nathan campus,

170 Kessels Road, Nathan,

Queensland, Australia, 4111

Email: k.wells"at"



I am an ecologist with interests in Wildlife and Disease ecology, Biodiversity, Ecohealth, Conservation biology, and Ecological modelling.


My research aims to improve understanding of different drivers of population dynamics, long-term persistence and species distribution that we need to protect, despite conflicting interests in natural and anthropogenic landscapes.


In times of global change, land use intensification and the spread of invasive species, organisms encounter changing conditions that eventually affect their behaviour and reproduction. In the sum, their population size and geographic distribution will be altered.


With ongoing advances in computing and mathematical models, complex natural processes and also the consequence of human resource exploitation and environmental change are accessible to quantitative analyses of alternative strategies in science-based wildlife management and conservation.


Both field work on animal behaviour, host-parasite/pathogen and animal-plant interactions, movement ecology and population and community ecology as well as ecological statistics and modelling are therefore important parts of my efforts.


Much of my work in the field has focused on mammals and birds in tropical and temperate ecosystems, while I found hierarchical models particularly useful to link field data to ecological perspectives.


Research Keywords


Population ecology, Diesease ecology, Wildlife management, Ecohealth, Hierarchical modelling, Biodiversity, Conservation biology


Links to published work can be found here:

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