Upcoming conferences and symposia!

Members of our team have been accepted for both oral presentations and poster presentations at various upcoming conferences! ---------------------------------------- The Ecology & Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) Conference will be held May 26-29, 2015 at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia (link). Mr. Nicholas Clark will be giving an oral presentation at EEID, with the title: "Biogeographical variation in blood parasite coinfections (avian malaria and microfilaria) in congeneric island birds: a mosaic of parasite-mediated selection?" (Authors: Nicholas J Clark, Sonya M Clegg). Dr. Jaewoon Jeong will be presenting a poster at EEID "Modelling transmission dynamics of a novel Alphacor

New review paper! Context dependent conservation responses to emerging wildlife diseases.

An exciting new review paper co-authored by Prof. McCallum is now available! The paper was developed from a working group on fungal diseases in Santa Barbara. The abstract and link are below. Langwig, K.E., Voyles, J., Wilber, M.Q., Frick, W.F., Murray, K.A., Bolker, B.M., Collins, J.P, Cheng, T.L., Fisher, M.C., Hoyt, J.R., Lindner, D.L., McCallum, H.I., Puschendorf, R., Rosenblum, E.B., Toothman, M., Willis, C.K.R., Briggs, C.J., Kilpatrick, A.M. (2015) Context dependent conservation responses to emerging wildlife diseases. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 13(4):195-202 (link). Abstract: Emerging infectious diseases pose an important threat to wildlife. While established protocols

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