Froggie adventures!

Another exciting froggie adventure for the frog team - this time we braved a night of pouring rain at Border Ranges National Park (thankfully the second night was dry), plus a day expedition to Toonumbar NP find the elusive Richmond Range Mountain frog (Philoria richmondensis)! Sherwood lookout in Toonumbar NP was a great spot for lunch, overlooking the habitats of the closely-related mountain frogs, the red and yellow mountain frog (P. kundagungan), the masked mountain frog (P. loveridgei) and the Richmond Range mountain frog (P. richmondensis). After a short hike we found some beautiful rainforest creeks covered in rainforest spinach - perfect habitat for P. richmondensis! Katelyn voluntee

First frogs of the season!

Over the last few nights our amphibian chytridiomycosis team (Dr. David Newell, Prof. Hamish McCallum, Dr. Laura Grogan and Thais Sasso Lopes) went out into the field (Nightcap National Park) for the first trip of the season! We were looking for the endangered Fleay's barred frog. They're hard to find (unless you happen to be as experienced as Dave). There's a frog buried in the soil and leaf litter somewhere in this photo - and I haven't the froggiest idea where! Can you spot it? :) In this photo Thais is gently running a cotton-tipped swab over the belly skin of the frog. We use these swabs to measure whether the frog is infected with the frog chytrid fungus, and if so, what its infectious

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