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EFRI Seminar by Dr. Olivier Restif - "Tracking elusive viruses in African fruit bats: a model-g

The Environmental Futures Research Institute recently hosted an excellent seminar by Dr. Olivier Restif (Disease Dynamics Unit, University of Cambridge) as part of their 2015 seminar series (Tuesday, 4th August, 2015).

Dr. Restif is an exceptional modeller of wildlife diseases, is widely known for his paper in Ecology Letters outlining the method of "Model-guided fieldwork", and has worked extensively as a key collaborator with Dr. Alison Peel from our team.

It was a great pleasure to attend his seminar and have the opportunity to discuss various aspects of modelling with him in person!

Summary, seminar flyer and link to presentation slides below.

You can find a pdf of Dr. Restif's slides here (and below).

Tracking elusive viruses in African fruit bats: a model-guided fieldwork approach

Dr Restif will give a modeller’s perspective on 8 years of research into the ecology of African bat viruses. From this collaborative, multi-disciplinary programme, as well as similar enterprises in Australia and America, the concept of model-guided fieldwork has emerged as a set of practical guidelines for wildlife epidemiology.

In addition to the main research programme on African fruit bats, Dr Restif will mention other applications of model-guided fieldwork to which he has contributed recently.

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