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Congratulations to Dr. Alison Peel on her ARC DECRA!!!

We are extremely proud as a team to congratulate Research Fellow Dr. Alison Peel for her wonderful achievement of being awarded a prestigious and highly sought-after Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)!!!

Well done Ali!

Ali has been awarded $422,492.00 over three years to undertake the project "Beyond Hendra: the significance of viral communities in bat virus spillover" (DE190100710).

"This project aims to address the emerging global health threat posed by zoonotic bat-borne viruses, by determining why bats shed multiple viruses in synchronised pulses. The project expects to identify universal drivers of multi-viral shedding pulses, using Hendra virus as a model system for other bat viruses in Australia and globally. Expected outcomes include insights into the interactions between environmental change, bat ecology, viral dynamics and spillover, prediction of when and where bat viral shedding will most likely occur, and development of new ecological interventions to prevent bat virus spillover in Australia and globally. This will provide significant benefits by pre-empting spillover and global pandemics before they occur."

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