Team members


Members of our team have diverse backgrounds in ecology, veterinary science, epidemiology, mathematical modelling and statistics. We apply a range of quantitative theoretical and empirical approaches including spatial, mathematical, statistical and molecular techniques to investigate the ecology of disease both at the individual-level (the host-pathogen-environment interaction) and the population-level.

Hamish McCallum
Professor and Team Leader
Alison Peel
Research Fellow
Laura Grogan
Research Fellow
Douglas Kerlin
Research Fellow
Mariel Familiar Lopez
Research Associate
Eloise Stephenson
PhD candidate
Tamika Lunn
PhD candidate
Thais Sasso Lopes
PhD candidate
Remy Brooks
Honours candidate
Mandy Todd
Senior Technical Officer
Jaewoon Jeong
PhD Graduate Alumnus
John Giles
PhD Graduate Alumnus
Konstans Wells
Research Fellow Alumnus
Nicholas Clark
PhD Graduate Alumnus
Susan Philpot
Honours Graduate Alumna
Raina Plowright
Research Fellow Alumna
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